Prof. dr Miroslav Trajanovic – University of Nis, Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Nis, Serbia

Dr Miroslav Trajanovic, professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Nis, Nis, Serbia, has 35 years of experience in application of ICT in mechanical engineering, medicine and education. He is expert for computer programming, CAD, finite element method and biomedical engineering.

Prof. Trajanovic is the author of more than 300 scientific and professional papers. He has also taken part in 15 scientific and professional team-projects supported by Serbian government and industry. He was also project leader or WP leader for 10 projects mainly in IT, production engineering and biomedical engineering, as well as two FP6, six FP7 and three Horizon 2020 projects. He is coordinating of project Virtual human osteoarticular system and its application in preclinical and clinical practice, financed by Ministry for Education, Science and technological development of Republic of Serbia.

Title: Design of osteofixation devices – Personalised approach

Treatment of patients after major bone trauma, regardless of whether they are caused by fractures, osteoporosis, cancer or infections, require application of implants, fixators, scaffolds or other osteofixation devices. The speed and quality of bone regeneration depends to a large extent on degree of adaptability of implants or fixators to a specific patient and a specific trauma. The personalized approach to design makes it possible to create the devices most suited to the patient.

For the design of personalized osteofixation devices, a 3D geometric model of bone before trauma is needed. However, in case of major trauma, there is usually no longer a part of the bone, so it is not possible to create a 3D model of the entire bone. The paper presents original methods for reverse engineering of human bones even in cases where there is no medical picture of the complete bone. Also, it is shown how such a model is applied for the design of personalized osteofixation devices.