Prof. Young Im Cho – Faculty of Computer Engineering, Gachon University, South Korea

Professor Young Im Cho got bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Computer Science from Korea University in South Korea. She got Post-Doc. Degree at University of Massachusetts at 2000 in USA. Now she is Chiefs of AI and Smart City Laboratory at Gachon University, Korea-Kazakhstan ICT Cooperation Center and Intelligent Service Robot Automation System Society. She is a Chief of Smart City Forum in Korea. She was ex-committee member of National Information Strategy Council under Korea President, and worked as a senior research at Samsung Electronics. She is a member of e-Government committee member in Korea Government. She was a visiting professor at Purdue University in USA from 2013 to 2014. She has published more than 300 publications including Journals, conferences. Also she has 13 text and reference books. She received a big medal from Korea Government at 2013, and 15 academic awards from academic societies. She is a member of more than 15 editorial boards of international journals and conferences. Her interesting areas are Artificial Intelligence, Smart City, Big data, Cloud Robot and e-Government and etc. Currently, she is a representative person of Korea National Body for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC42 AI committee.

Title: Intelligent Knowledge Sharing Technologies for Cloud Service Robot in Complex AI Environment

In this talk, intelligent knowledge sharing technologies for cloud service robot is presented. The cloud robot industry does not have a common interface or communication standard between robots, unlike other computing industries. Since the operating system uses various operating systems such as window, linux, RTOS, and Android, technology development is slowing down.

Therefore, it is necessary to standardize not only the operating system but also the robot application, the common interface and the communication standard in order to promote the robot industrial technology and activate the robot software market. Currently, there are VWNS robot software frameworks such as OPRoS(Open Platform for Robotics Services) in Korea and ROS(Robot Operation System)in USA. The interfaces of application programs are standard of RoIS(Robot Interaction Service) and RLS(Robot Localization Service). However, since it is still in the development stage, it is necessary to build a common infrastructure that is more widespread and to standardize and globalize it.

In this presentation, we will present how to build a DB collection, a standard DB conversion algorithm design, and a cloud server environment for cloud service robot. The main contents of the development are first to grasp the requirements of the intelligent service robot (consumer) and to collect the data elements necessary for the mobile intelligence, manipulation intelligence, and social intelligence robot standard DB design, To be classified according to type.

We developed an algorithm for designing a standard DB schema to convert various data types into standard DB form. In addition, we will develop a DB collection system to enable each robot to serve a standard DB in the form of an open shared DB. In order to implement this function, it is important to build a shared platform in the cloud server environment.